SMSF Set Up and Administration Fees

Working with Green Frog Super we make it easy for clients like you, located throughout Australia, to know up front how much it will cost to set up and administer your self managed super fund. There’s no restriction on the type of bank account you can have, which broker you use or how many transactions you can make.

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Self Managed Super Fund Administration Services – all prices include GST

Annual Administration – accumulation (i.e. there are no members taking a pension or taking lump sum withdrawals from the fund)  $950.00
Annual Administration – pension (i.e. at least one member with a pension or taking lump sum withdrawals from the fund) $1,210.00
Actuary Fee – if needed for exempt current pension income %  $240.00
Actuary Fee – if needed for a defined benefit pension (these are rarely needed but included here for completeness)  $450.00

Extra administration fees – the other guys’ small print

Take-over administration of an existing fund $0.00
ASIC Corporate Maintenance for trustee (excludes annual ASIC fee) $0.00
Extra fee for number of transactions over a certain limit $0.00
Extra fee for funds with direct property $0.00
Extra fee for funds with limited recourse borrowing arrangements $0.00
Lump Sum withdrawal forms $0.00
PAYG Reporting $0.00
Preparation of Business Activity Statements $0.00
Pension documentation $0.00
Registration of ABN and TFN $0.00
Audit – We arrange and co-ordinate the audit of your fund through an independent registered auditor. $395.00

Disbursements (if applicable)

Audit – Title Search Fees.  The cost of title searches requested by the auditor are passed on to the fund. These are determined by how many properties are owned within the fund and also by the fee charged by the state or territory in which the property is located.    Title search fees range from approx $10- to $35-.

Super Stream Registration Fee.


$10 to $35


Self Managed Super Fund Set Up Services

PDF Version Binder Version
– SMSF with individual trustees $345 $395
– SMSF with corporate trustee (includes ASIC registration fees) $930 $1,005

Limited Recourse Borrowing

Instalment Warrant Package (if you’d like to borrow in the fund) (includes Bare Trust Deed, Corporate Security Trustee Company, SMSF Deed Upgrade and Investment Strategy)   Also see PDF Ver $1,305.00